Carnivore Countdown

Current Status:

Sleeping Lioness

Carnivore is pretty much the ultimate elimination diet. I’ve never been able to stick to an elimination diet before, even though I’ve had some pretty great motivators, but I feel the need to try again because I still have some things I think it might help (details below).

What I’ll be sharing will be in a pretty utilitarian format; nothing fancy, just the facts. God knows, people probably don’t do carnivore unless something extreme has pushed them there. I want to focus on information, not fluffy blog posts.

Every day, I’ll post meal details, screen shots of my My Fitness Pal macros, and observations regarding the changes I see. I’ll start tomorrow, even though I kicked off with a steak for dinner last night. Patience is not my strong suit! I’m eager to experiment and January 1st is too far away.

What I’ll Be Watching:

Let me start by quickly throwing out there that my health journey started by reducing stress. Everything below gets messed up when I get stressed out, and my perfectionist personality holds me back more than it helps me sometimes. I’d never even attempt such a restrictive eating pattern if I were anticipating any sort of stress. That said, here’s what I’ll be watching for changes.

  • Sleep – I sleep well for the most part, but every once in a while there’s a night where I’m up all night it seems. Looking to see if my sleep habits stay consistent, or consistently improve throughout the month.
  • Energy – I constantly seem to be tired. I’m not sure if this is because my ‘day job’ is mentally taxing. It’s not physically taxing, that’s for sure. Most nights though, I come home feeling drained, so much so that there’s not much energy left for too much else.
  • Mood – Nothing crazy going on here. Just interested to see if there’s any positive improvements regardless.
  • Cravings – This is a big one for me! I think one of my biggest stumbling blocks (and I’m going to totally throw my dad’s family under the bus here) is sugar. If I end up having one granola of sugar, my appetite for sweets becomes insatiable. Years ago I was nearly pre-diabetic. I also noticed a pattern where if I fell off the low-carb wagon, my vision would blur and I’d get a lot of tooth aches. It took years to notice the pattern, but I’ve figured out that within a day or so of sweet eating, the blurred vision and tooth aches start, and it takes weeks of low-carb eating for them to disappear. I’ve pretty much conceded at this point, that there is no 80/20 rule for me when it comes to sweets. I need to mourn the loss of sugar, and move on. I’m hoping eating carnivore will help me forget about the 80/20 rule that hasn’t worked so well for me up to this point.
  • Vision – Blurry?
  • Teeth – Sore? Tooth aches?
  • Skin – I’ve always had various skin issues. Haven’t had trouble for years, but very curious to see what, if anything, might change.
  • Hair – Thinned out after having kids. Curious to see if it might fill in at all.
  • Weight – I haven’t worked out lately because my energy levels have been low as a result of indulging in too many sweets over the holidays. I’ve got weight to lose, not much, but we’ll see what happens.
  • Digestion (Yay! Who doesn’t want to talk about this!) – One of the most talked about topics when it comes to carnivore diets seems to be the ‘issue’ of digestion/gas/bloating/etc. This isn’t the first time I’ve done carnivore. I have digestive issues when I eat sugar, not meat, so I’m not anticipating any negative affects. I will report the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What I’ll Be Eating:

  • Eggs – My husband tends a flock of about 30 chickens, so fresh eggs are plentifull. Also, some of the eggs are huge… I don’t know if grocers sell ‘extra jumbo’ eggs but ours would be that if they could be measured. Keep this in mind when looking at my macros… I’ll be eating 3 or 4 eggs for breakfast daily, and since my eggs are a little bigger than the average My Fitness Pal ‘large’ eggs, my actual macro numbers might be a little off from what shows on the screen shots.
  • Steak – I’m on a budget, aiming for ribeyes.
  • Ground Beef – 80/20 beef, whatever’s on sale, not concerned about organic/grass-fed at this point. Same goes for the rest of the meats listed below, sales/generic grocery store stuff, nothing crazy expensive. Maybe if I end up doing this as a long term life style, I’ll get more choosey.
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Ham
  • Shrimp
  • Lobster
  • Fish
  • Butter – Salted, generic grocery store brand.
  • Salt & Pepper – I’ll be using sea salt to season meats before cooking, iodized table salt for food on the plate, and fresh-ground black pepper.

My Prayer

God. Thank you. Thank you for the internet and the vast amount of info it’s presented to me over the past 15 years or so. Thank you for the opportunity to help myself thanks to the information that’s available to me and to so many others. Thank you for the love and comfort I get from you, and from reading your word, when the rest of the world looks at me like I’m crazy! I love you. Please give me the strength and patience to make it 30 days eating carnivore. Please give me discernment to know the difference between whether what I’m doing is crazy awesome, or just plain crazy. Please help me to complete this exercise to be able to share my experience with others and help them. Please Lord, if it’s in Your will, make the changes positive and my decisions easy. In Jesus name I pray.


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