Carnivore, Day 1

Current Status:

I feel absolutely FANTASTIC! Alert and ready to start the day. It’s Wednesday morning. I kicked off with eating carnivore on Monday evening. My husband and I had a night alone, so we went out for a nice steak dinner. It was wonderful. However, I felt like absolute garbage yesterday!

I woke up fine. Three eggs scrambled in butter before work. I didn’t take anything to work with me because previously on carnivore, I wasn’t hungry throughout the day at all. BIG MISTAKE. I felt like I was starving by the time work was over and my husband, who’s off work at the moment, made me buttered shrimp that was hot and ready to go when I walked in the door. I requested he make a pound, because I was so hungry and figured I’d blow through that much and potentially still want more. Wrong again. I got about half of the shrimp down and just felt so sick and disgusting that I didn’t want any more. Throughout the day I had a headache that got progressively worse and 8 pieces of shrimp in, I don’t know if it was the intensity of the headache or what, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of one more bite. It repulsed me.

The headache continued to get worse and worse the later it got. I laid on the couch because I didn’t feel up to doing much more than that, and felt light headed any time I did get up. Thank God, the headache subsided overnight. I woke up this morning, around 10:45, and it’s been a lovely morning.

Yesterday’s Meals:

Like I mentioned above, last night was bad. I didn’t feel like eating. I felt really nauseous. Considering I put half my dinner back into the fridge, I didn’t eat nearly the amount of calories I should have. My Fitness Pal agreed, and wouldn’t let me complete my diary (see the warning below). To be blunt, I felt absolutely horrible, I’m not that concerned about losing weight that I plan to starve myself or anything like that. I did not consume so little food on purpose. I ate what I could, and stopped when I felt like I was going to throw up. Hopefully Day 2 will be different.

My Fitness Pal Warning

My fitness Pal Calories

My Fitness Pal Nutrients

My Fitness Pal Macros

Changes (1 negative, 10 positive):

  • Sleep – 9
  • Energy – 8
  • Mood – 8
  • Cravings – 9, I was able to resist a S’More last night!
  • Vision – Too soon to tell.
  • Teeth – Too soon to tell. My husband told me I had ‘sick breath’ this morning. My sinuses feel gross. Cam home last night stuff and wasn’t any better this morning.
  • Skin – Too soon to tell.
  • Hair – Too Soon to tell.
  • Weight – 122.5 lbs
  • Digestion, Belly – 3 – Felt very nauseous as dinner last night!
  • Digestion, Gas – 9 – No gas to speak of.
  • Digestion, Poop – 9 – Nothing crazy.

My Prayer:

Lord, THANK YOU for taking away the headache. Thank you for starting me on this path. Thank you for drawing me close to you.

Lord, please keep me close to you throughout this process. Please bless this new year, new journey, and new day. Love you Lord. I pray this in Jesus name.


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