Carnivore, Day 2

Status: “Meh,” confounding factors at play.

Late yesterday morning was great. The headache from the night prior was gone and as I was walking down the stairs I saw my husband pull the truck onto the patio to unload fire wood. None of the boys were around and my husband parked the truck and disappeared. In a fit of unexpected ‘umph,’ I unloaded enough wood to fill the racks on both sides of our fireplace. Not a ton of work, but enough to get my blood pumping! After how horrible I felt the night prior, I can’t believe I had the gumption to do it. A pleasant surprise!

The afternoon was low key, but I seemed to have steady energy. Staying up till after 1 am for New Year’s Eve probably wasn’t the best thing for feeling rested, but I still felt like I had more energy in the afternoon than on most days. Sleeping till almost 11am helped too, I’m sure.

In the evening I drove an hour and half to my mother’s house for dinner, and then back again. This is a routine for me. On the way home my brain is usually spacing out, but instead, my mind was going full throttle. I had so many thoughts and ideas flying everywhere, it was insane, and seemed overly productive!

Last night was rough though, I got to bed late, much later than I’d have liked. My alarm going off at 6am didn’t help either. There is one really big confounding factor at play also, and some other smaller ones, so I don’t really think my “meh” has anything to do with my eating habits. I have a slight headache too, again, I think it’s for reasons far from my carnivore ways. We’ll see what happens as today progresses.

Yesterday’s Meals:

I ate three eggs scrambled in butter for breakfast with a tiny bit of ham. Something told me not to eat the ham, and I realized why after I bit into it. It was laden with sugar. There was only a spoonful or two on my plate so I finished it. Less than an ounce. The eggs were great though. Even though I said I’d only eat two meals a day I had a lunch and dinner today. Lunch was the leftover shrimp from last night, dinner was pork at my mom’s. She asked why I didn’t eat any veggies, I said it was because I’d already eaten because I didn’t want to deal with a discussion about my new carnivore eating habits yet.

Again, even with a plentiful breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I couldn’t complete my My Fitness Pal diary because my calories were low. I felt fine at the end of the night. I was full after every meal, and didn’t feel hungry at all.

My Fitness Pal Warning

My fitness Pal Calories

My Fitness Pal Nutrients

My Fitness Pal Macros

Changes (1 negative, 10 positive):

  • Sleep – 9
  • Energy – 7
  • Mood – 8
  • Cravings – 9 – Barely dealt with cravings, resisted a chocolate chip cookie at mom’s!
  • Vision – No change
  • Teeth – No change
  • Skin – No change
  • Hair – No change
  • Weight – 121.5
  • Digestion, Belly – 8 – No nausea but when I feel ‘full’ after eating, there’s a brick wall that stops me. Seems like there won’t ever be an over-eating problem because there comes a time where there’s just no desire to continue.
  • Digestion, Gas – 10 – No gas at all
  • Digestion, Poop – 6 – About 15 minutes after breakfast I got a sudden urge to go. It wasn’t diarrhea, but wasn’t exactly normal either. About 20 minutes after that, the same thing happened. Nothing at all since then.

My Prayer:

Lord, thank you for loving me. Thank you for carrying me when I can’t pick myself up. You know my heart and my intentions. You give me that feeling of being loved even when I feel unloveable. Thank you for holding me and tending to my heart. Thank you for my awesome husband and sons, they’re such a blessing.

Lord, my prayer for today has nothing to do with food choices. It’s been easy so far. But you know my heart is broken Lord. You know why I cried myself to sleep last night. Please give me the wisdom to know what to do. Please keep my heart on the right path. Please help me control what words come out of my mouth. I need your help big time.

In Jesus name!


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