Carnivore, Day 4

Status: Just Okay

Yesterday morning was great. Woke up sleepy in the pitch dark at 6 am, but happy just the same. The morning went well, made breakfast for the kids and myself and got out the door. As the morning went on though, I just started to feel weak. Not myself.

I work on the second floor. When I got there, going up the stairs was trying. At the top of the stairs I felt winded, exhausted, weak, light-headed, etc. It was all around not good. I got hungry again before lunch and felt weird even after eating. I had chicken for dinner the night before and the leftovers for lunch yesterday. Maybe it was the chicken. Here’s something even crazier. The kids had beans in butter sauce with garlic with their chicken dinner. My chicken had butter, no garlic. While I was eating my lunch yesterday I noticed a few remnants of beans and some garlic chunks. I think when the kids’ plates got emptied into my lunch container, some of the garlic got swept in with it. After I finished eating lunch I pondered if it would make a bit of difference. I could taste it. It was annoying. I love garlic, usually. But it seemed overpowering and frustrating yesterday. Would the little bit of garlic in my lunch be enough to make me feel weird after eating? Who knows. All I know is the afternoon was odd, plenty of energy, but felt….. off.

The beef meatballs for dinner were okay, the recipe used too much salt, so they were not exactly the treat I was looking forward to. They were tender and juicy, and while cooking the fat stayed in the meat! That was great. But I felt like I was being pickled while eating them! The recipe called for 1 lb 80/20 ground beef, 1 egg, and a 1/2 tsp of salt. The flavor would have been delicious with less salt! I just had a lot of extra water after dinner to un-pickle myself. All the light-headedness and weirdness went away after dinner too. I felt good, not great, but normal at least. I had energy and was looking for quality time with the kids.

I asked my older son if he wanted to work out with me. Squats, pushups, planks, and pull ups. Keep in mind I said earlier in the day I was feeling weak. We made it through the work out, but I don’t know what I was thinking. Definitely should have laid low yesterday! At work I could barely make it up the stairs without feeling light-headed and winded. I should have known better! Should have waited till my energy level was high to do something so intense. After the workout my energy tanked!

Last night in bed, I was excited to fall asleep. Went to bed around 10:30, I was absolutely exhausted!

This morning, waking up was a gift. It looks like a gloomy day. At 7:56 when my eyes opened it was just starting to get light out. I feel sub-optimal. I think I know why. See my changes below, and the further reading if you’re so inclined.

Yesterday’s Meals:

For breakfast yesterday morning it was the standard, scrambled eggs in butter with some salt. Lunch was chicken left overs from the night before. There was garlic in the chicken that made it into my lunch container from off my kids’ dinner plates. I got really hungry much earlier than I usually eat lunch, and again a bit after I ate. Maybe the chicken just isn’t a good meal for me. ?????

My Fitness Pal, % Calories by Meal

My Fitness Pal Nutrients

My Fitness Pal Macros

Changes (1 negative, 10 positive):

  • Sleep – 10 – I don’t think I’ve ever consistently slept this well in my life.
  • Energy – 7 – Could be better.
  • Mood – 9 – Joyfull and happy.
  • Cravings – 8 – Just okay. Resisted cookies and a crumb cake at work yesterday but my hubby’s kielbasa with pickled pineapple’s looked and smelled really good last night after dinner!
  • Vision – No noticeable changes.
  • Teeth – Nice and clean.
  • Skin – No noticeable changes.
  • Hair – No noticeable changes.
  • Weight – 120.5, gained a 1/2 lb overnight, see further reading.
  • Digestion, Belly – 6 – I don’t feel sick, but I don’t feel well either. Yesterday afternoon around 3:30 pm I had quite a pain in my top left abdominal region. I’ve had similar pains before and it’s usually a gas bubble stuck on it’s way through the pipes. Sure enough, a while after the pain started I heard a bunch of gargling and felt things moving around. The pain went away shortly after.
  • Digestion, Gas – 8 – No gas at all, I almost wish I would be gassy because of the issue above (belly).
  • Digestion, Poop – 0 – I didn’t poop at all yesterday. I am bothered by it. I need to. I can feel it. There is SO MUCH movement going on inside my body I am blown away that nothing has made it’s way out. Take a look at my further reading for more info.
  • Light-Headedness – 5 – The day before yesterday it was noticeable; yesterday was worse.

My Prayer:

Lord, thank you for Saturday mornings! Thank you for comfy warm covers, and staring out the window. Thank you for keeping the fire going overnight. Thank you for all the things that feel like a warm blanket wrapped around me.

God, please help me poop! I don’t feel right. I think I’d feel like a million dollars if I could just go to the bathroom!

I pray this in Jesus name!


Further Reading (No GALLBLADDER = no poop?):

In February 2010 I had my older son. Sometime shortly after I began getting excruciating pains on my right side. Long story short, after some incredibly agonizing gallbladder attacks, I ended up with no gallbladder.

The gallbladder stores and releases bile into our intestines to help digest dietary fat. I’m now eating a diet that consists of a lot of fat. Go figure.

One quick google search of going carnivore without a gallbladder yields plenty of horror stories about people with frequent diarrhea. Likely because they don’t have enough bile in their intestines to digest the fat they’re eating.

I’ll be honest. A few days ago I felt like I was pooping my brains out. Something I wasn’t worried about at all to begin with!

So, I did some online reading myself, and came up with some interesting take-aways about going carnivore without a gallbladder:

  • Eat more frequent smaller meals instead of larger less frequent ones.
  • Wait an hour after eating to drink water.

Meal Spacing – I haven’t really done anything with this yet, but with the leftover meatballs in the fridge, it’s the perfect time to start.

Water – To do one better than waiting an hour after eating to drink water, I decided to drink water before eating, and not drink anything afterword. I am really wondering at this point if this was a huge mistake.

Constipation in General – So, up to this point in time I’ve only done carnivore for about 2 1/2 – 3 weeks, a couple of months ago. Historically, I’ve had a lot of trouble with low carb and keto diets constipating me. I’d read somewhere, years ago, that the difference between Asian countries and the US, regarding eating habits, is that their plates are mostly veggies and little meat, while our plates are mostly meat with very few veggies. I figured that was the answer; that my proportions were wrong. When I got constipated trying keto, I thought I needed more fiber to move things along. I cut back on meat, and added more veggies. The constipation got worse. Fast forward to a few months ago when I tried carnivore for the first time. My biggest concern going in was constipation because I figured with no fiber I’d be totally backed up. Not so at all. I had loose stools in the beginning, but nothing terrible, and I was blown away by that my bowel movements seemed much more ‘normal’ eating carnivore than eating keto. And now here I am, four days into carnivore, and I haven’t pooped in 24 hours. UGH!

Is it possible my constipation is because I’m low-grade FREAKING OUT about this? I drank at least a half gallon of water yesterday, and still, no movement. I want to go off the deep end and drink a half gallon of water with every meal today!

I won’t.

Just sayin’.

I am looking forward to what happens eating beef today with a glass of water after each meal.

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