Carnivore, Day 7

Status: yawn—tired and hungry.

I was tired getting up yesterday morning. Probably because I was up a little after 5 am. I am a morning person—but only when I’m ready to start the morning. Since I was up so early, and didn’t sleep like a rock the night before last, I yawned a lot. Other than that I felt good.

At work I felt like I got a lot accomplished. Not by way of how many items I checked off my list, but by what I checked off my list. I made uncomfortable phone calls, and completed tasks that I’d been putting off for some time. It was more mentally taxing than anything else and it was nice that somewhere the confidence to do those things showed up. Usually I wouldn’t have chosen to tackle any of the things I did, and doing them all in one morning felt like conquering the world!

I noticed in the afternoon that I seem to be developing a pattern. The abdominal discomfort in my left side. I think it’s just gas bubbles or something, because I bend and stretch and move around, something in me gurgles, and then it goes away. But it seems to be a daily thing now, always around the same time.

Yesterday was really odd, in that I didn’t really want to eat anything. It seems, at times, like my appetite is completely gone. For someone wanting to drop a ton of weight that might seem like a good thing, but it was really frustrating for me. I think my energy and mood tanked later in the day because of it!

I didn’t have time for breakfast so I packed five meatballs for work. By 3:30 pm I’d only eaten two, and the second one I could barely get down because I felt so full. When I got home for dinner and my husband asked if a half pound of chicken was okay I grimaced. I honestly didn’t know if I could handle it. I was overwhelmed and thought, “How am I going to eat that much?”

The though of ingesting any food, was just too much to consider!

My husband had the kids’ homework done and dinner ready by the time I got home. There wasn’t really too much for me to do afterwords (yes, he’s awesome, I am so blessed and thankful!) So, I put away laundry, helped the kids put away their laundry, tidied up a little, and then crashed big time. I couldn’t function. My mood tanked. I yelled at the kids over something it wasn’t really necessary to yell over.

It wasn’t the way I’d have liked to end the evening. Yesterday started out positively, even though I was sleepy, but ended up really bad, at least in part I think, because I didn’t want to eat. Thankfully by bed time I turned myself around and tucked the kids in with smiles, hugs, and kisses, rather than my horrible attitude.

This morning’s goal is to eat. Something. Anything. I feel so strongly that the down side of yesterday was because I didn’t eat enough. I’m not going to make that mistake again today. I woke up this morning groggy and with a slight headache. We’ll see how the day plays out. I’m thankful to let go of worrying about pooping. I’m just going to go with the flow today and not concentrate on whether or not I have to ‘go.’ I think shedding that concern will be a win in the long run.

Yesterday’s Meals:

For whatever reason yesterday, I ended up almost completely averse to putting anything in my mouth. I didn’t want any food, all day long. I usually do not have problems in the eating department. If anything, I’m usually overeating, not under-eating. Again, I wasn’t able to complete my My Fitness Pal food diary because I was nearly 200 calories short.

  • Breakfast – Skipped it today, I was hungry but didn’t have the time. Took five meatballs to work with me to cover all my bases.
  • Lunch – It’s 3:30 pm. I’ve only eaten two meatballs. I’m just not that hungry.
  • Dinner – A half pound of buttered chicken. I ate it all even though looking at it made my stomach churn. It was delicious once I got started eating and I didn’t have any problem finishing what was on my plate.
  • Snack – One and half hard boiled eggs sprinkled with salt. I knew I was way low on calories and a faint headache was starting. I decided I should probably eat something so I choked these down. I really didn’t want them, and didn’t really feel hungry.

My Fitness Pal, % Calories by Meal

My Fitness Pal Nutrients

My Fitness Pal Macros

Changes (1 negative, 10 positive):

  • Sleep – 10 – Slept like a rock last night. Got up when my hubby did, but got back to sleep very easily. The night prior I hardly slept at all.
  • Energy – 6 – I was sleepy yesterday. Also, I felt my heart pounding at the top of the stairs at work. Maybe because I was just totally beat from not getting enough sleep the night before.
  • Mood – 6 – I was not in a good mood yesterday evening. I was so tired it was difficult to function.
  • Cravings – 10 – Couldn’t have cared less about eating yesterday. It was laborious to get anything down the hatch.
  • Vision – No noticeable changes.
  • Teeth – 10
  • Skin – No noticeable changes. I pulled up my pant leg and looked at my shin at work yesterday. Dry and flaky. Just like usual when I don’t use lotion in the winter. Yesterday evening’s observation (baby smooth skin with no lotion) must have been an anomaly!
  • Hair – No noticeable changes.
  • Weight – 120 lbs
  • Digestion, Belly – 7 – I’m noticing that I am getting pains in my left upper abdomen on a somewhat regular basis. When I say “pain,” I’m talking about a half, or one, on a 1-10 scale. Barely noticeable. But, it’s been happening just about every day. I’m chalking it up to my body still adapting to this new way of eating. I’m not too concerned about it at this point.
  • Digestion, Gas – 10 – No gas to speak of.
  • Digestion, Poop – 9 – I’m not fighting the no poop situation any more. I haven’t had what I would consider a ‘normal’ bowel movement in days. Odd thing is, I don’t feel bloated, heavy, or like I really need to poop. Instead of freaking out about it, I’m letting it go. I did some quick Googling this morning and this article was very helpful! Seems like there’s not much to worry about. Also, I’ve been eating low-carb/keto on and off for years now. One thing I’ve noticed is that the transition period is less each time. I’m to the point where I go into ketosis very quickly, with hardly any transition at all—that means no real Keto flu like symptoms. I’m thinking that my ability to quickly adapt has helped my body take the transition to carnivore more or less in stride, and so the no poop thing is just something that quickly adapted. We’ll see!
  • Light-Headedness – 8 – A few times I felt a little loopy. I think it may have been more because I ate so little than due to the carnivore transition.

My Prayer:

God I don’t have much today. Thank you for your love, grace, and mercy. Please keep me close to you and give me your strength.

In Jesus name.


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