Carnivore, Day 9

Status: What Hump?

If there was a hump, I’M OVER IT BABY!!! I feel so great, I can barely contain myself.

Stepping on the scale yesterday morning was a pleasant surprise. I decided to say, “To heck with tracking how much I eat,” and I think it paid off.

Yesterday was awesome! I ate a small breakfast and lunch, and had a 9 oz steak for dinner. I couldn’t finish the steak, but what I had of it was wonderfully delicious.

In yesterday’s Day 8 post, I talked a lot about not feeling normal. Low and behold, I think yesterday felt normal. A completely new normal! No weirdness. And I had enormous amounts of energy!

I wanted to skip down the hallways at work.

When a few coworkers were tossing a football around during lunch I wanted to intercept the ball.

I ran up the stairs with excitement!

Later, at home, it was more of the same!

Energy out the wazoo!

I’ve been heading toward this conclusion for the past few days: tracking my calories/macros—solely for the purpose of reporting it in these posts—has really been messing with my ability to respect my body’s queues. The carnivore philosophy is to eat when hungry.

Journaling my meals in My Fitness Pal has been eye opening in a way, but more debilitating than helpful.

Following my body’s queues becomes very difficult when the numbers don’t look good on paper. And, when I eat according to what does look good on paper, I feel gross and disgusting.

I’m done tracking what I eat and how much! DONE! It’s so freeing to say that. I’ll still report on what I eat. But I, personally, need to stop caring about how much.

My husband asked if I’m doing the readers a disservice by taking away that information. I said no because it’s messing with my head so much that I haven’t been able to ‘hear’ and interpret what my body is telling me. The numbers I see on My Fitness Pal are playing mind games with me! Enough is enough. Listening to how I feel is more important that reporting numbers. And if anyone else wants to give this carnivore thing a try, I suggest you do the same!

See the further reading section at the bottom of the post for more details.

Yesterday’s Meals:

  • Breakfast – Two jumbo eggs, in butter, with salt. I was afraid this wasn’t going to be enough, but I was fine.
  • Lunch – Pork tenderloin in butter, again, afraid what I had wasn’t going to be enough but I was fine.
  • Dinner – Ribeye. This steak was so good!!! I couldn’t finish the 9 oz steak though.

My Fitness Pal, % Calories by Meal

My Fitness Pal Nutrients

My Fitness Pal Macros

Changes (1 negative, 10 positive):

  • Sleep – 9 – Slept great!
  • Energy – 9 – The only reason this number isn’t a 10 is because I am purposely holding myself back because I don’t want to go too far too fast. I’ve only felt great for one day. Once I’ve got a few great days under my belt, and I’m more confident that this new normal isn’t temporary, I’ll bump this number up to where I really think it should be…. a 10!
  • Mood – 9 – Fantastic.
  • Cravings – 9 – No problems at all. It’s hitting me that I am not hungry on this ‘diet.’ I think persistent nagging hunger is probably the #1 reason most people fall away from a diet. If you’re hungry, it’s just not sustainable. I’ve been hungry on low-carb, and I’ve been hungry on keto. Not so now. When I’m hungry I eat, and there’s no cravings in between meals at all. I’ve never experienced this before.
  • Vision – 7 – No huge changes but last night the vision in my left eye seemed different. I’m not sure if it was because it was toward the end of the evening, and I got tired, or if something was actually different.
  • Teeth – 9 – Nice and clean.
  • Skin – No noticeable changes.
  • Hair – No noticeable changes.
  • Weight – 118.5 lbs
  • Digestion, Belly – 8 – Good.
  • Digestion, Gas – 10 – None to speak of.
  • Digestion, Poop – 8 – Two bowel movements yesterday. About 5’s on my perfect poop scale.
  • Light-Headedness – 9 – Still there a tiny bit, much less noticeable than the day before yesterday.

My Prayer:

Lord, you are amazing! Thank you for the energy you gave me yesterday. Thank you for a day of feeling so wonderful. Thank you also for the deep conversation last night between me, my husband, and the kids. Lord it is SO NEAT to see the way you work. You take something completely random and turn it into something absolutely perfect. Every good and perfect gift comes from you Lord, and last night’s conversation before bed was Good and Perfect! Thank you for that! And for my husband’s smile. AHHHH GOD, there is just so much to be thankful for! My sister-in-law who watched the kids yesterday during their snow day off… the list goes on and on.

Lord, please continue to grow the boys in your ways. Please give me more days like yesterday. Please continue to bless my family. I love you Lord.

In Jesus name I pray.


Further Reading: Body Queues

I remember when I had my first son. I stayed home with him for three months. I breast fed him. He’s nine now and even still he loves physical touch. I wish I knew that when he was a baby. He wasn’t happy unless I was holding him, and he wanted to nurse constantly. Skin on skin was this kid’s thang.

My mother’s gift to me while I was pregnant was a gliding, swiveling, reclining chair. God must have known I’d need it! In my long hours in the chair, I downloaded an app on my phone that tracked everything baby related, my son’s nursing habits, which boob he nursed on at what time, when he pooped, when he slept, when he sneezed, coughed, cooed—this app tracked everything. I’d sit in the chair with him propped on a Boppy pillow and nurse him until we both fell asleep. The time of day didn’t matter. When I was awake I logged everything I could think of in the app so I wouldn’t miss a beat. Exhaustion was prevalent at that point. The app kept me sane.

The problem arose when I took my son to the doctor’s office for his next well child visit. The doctor asked me some simple questions like when’s the last time he pooped and how often does he nurse.

I didn’t know the answers! I was so embarrassed. I was Mom! Why couldn’t I answer the questions?

It was because of that stupid phone app!

I’d become so obsessive about logging everything, that I wasn’t paying attention to anything.

The app knew. That’s all that mattered. I blushed and made up something to tell the doctor so I wouldn’t look like a complete fool! Then I deleted the app and after a day or so everything came back. I, not an app, knew every little detail about my son.

The concept illustrated by that example has cropped up numerous times since then. At work, at home, etc.

When we outsource information, we lose our connection with the data.

That’s exactly what happened with my son, and it’s exactly what happened with My Fitness Pal.

I began relying on the My Fitness Pal app to tell me how I felt instead of listening to what my body was telling me.

If my calories were low, I’d freak out because I wasn’t eating enough, even though I felt fine. Then I’d try and eat more to satisfy the calorie requirement (so I could complete each daily food diary), but then I’d feel disgusting and weighed down.

There is an abundance of online anecdotal evidence that shows a wide variation in appetite during most carnivore dieters’ adaptation periods.

Me? I’m just flat out not hungry!

Why is that?

That question got has me wondering, once in ketosis, is hunger related to fat stores?

For instance, I mentioned in one of my first posts that I have weight to lose. It’s not my main concern for my health, but I do have ‘extra’ fat. There’s somewhere around 4000 calories per pound of stored body fat. Is my appetite so diminished because I’m now using my extra fat instead of needing to eat fat? I’m only a few pounds overweight, but at 4000 calories per pound, that means there’s plenty of ‘free’ fat/calories available from my own body! Does it mean that instead of getting hungry, I’m burning my own fat stores?

I’ve also been wondering: once my body reaches it’s new homeostasis—whenever and at whatever weight that is—how will carnivory maintain the equilibrium that will keep my personal physique constant? I have no clue if this is scientific or not, but my guess is that once my body gets to the point where there’s no ‘extra’ fat, if I haven’t eaten enough fat, then I’ll be hungry for it!

We’ll have to see if that’s the way it plays out long term.

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