Carnivore, Day 14

Status: Totally Unpredictable!

This carnivore journey has been crazy unpredictable! I do not remember the gamut of experiences this time around from the first time I gave it a shot. Then again, I wasn’t nearly as strict the first time around as what I have been since the last few days of December. The first try was relatively easy. This time, not so much. I am literally all over the place and I am no where near pinning down what’s causing the dramatic swings in mood, energy, and best of all… bowel movements!

I stopped tracking my food intake a few days ago because it was wreaking havoc on my ability to follow my own body queues. Since then though, I don’t know that my new found confidence in identifying my body’s queues has helped me any!

I feel like I’ve been all over the map during these first 14 days. I thought it would be easy. It started out that way, but then started going a bit wonky in the evenings. I thought I was ‘over the hump,’ then in the midst of my mental celebration I started getting tired. Really tired. Like I-can’t-lift-my-arms tired. Now, I’m overtired and even worse, I can’t stand the thought of food even though it seems to be the fix for my totally off energy levels… and moods. Add to that that last night I dealt with some of the most intense sugar cravings ever. UGH. This is not easy!

I admitted yesterday that I have not been getting nearly enough sleep at night. Last night wasn’t any better. Life gets in the way sometimes, though! All that said, in the interest of preserving my own sanity, I’m bumping back my posting regimen to once a week. Considering I started on a Wednesday, I’ll be posting on Wednesday’s moving forward. I’m hoping that between tomorrow and next Wednesday I’ll see some sort of noticeable difference I’ll be able to report on, whether it’s with my appetite, mood, energy levels—something… anything.

Last night I’d have loved to eat a Hershey bar, an Outshine strawberry popsicle, and/or some Turkey Hill chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. This morning the cravings are gone, but I’m still tired, even though I slept great last night.

Yesterday’s Meals:

I have been so not hungry lately that it was difficult to choke this stuff down. I am seriously over hardboiled eggs. It takes time to cook eggs in the morning. I love scrambled eggs, but the time draw was getting annoying. I figured hard boiling them would take care of the time issue, but I just can’t stomach hard boiled eggs right now. It seems like it’s hard to stomach almost everything actually. I wondered yesterday morning if the eggs are the issue. I’m really not sure. I’m going to try taking eggs off my plate for a few days, and see what happens.

  • Breakfast – One hardboiled egg.
  • Lunch – Two hardboiled eggs.
  • Dinner – Steak.

Changes (1 negative, 10 positive):

  • Sleep – 9 – Slept like a rock, just got to bed late and up early again.
  • Energy – 5 – Started off okay yesterday morning and just got drained as the day went on.
  • Mood – 8 – Okay. I’m sleepy, so I’m not jumping for joy, but I’m not in a bad mood. Just sort of mellow.
  • Cravings – 4 – It took every ounce and fibre of my being to stay carnivore yesterday. Mentally, I totally lost it. I started rationalizing—”Is this worth not eating pizza, or an ice cream, or having a normal life?” “Is being healthy really that important?” Serious soul searching time. I have reasons I’ll detail more in my next post, when I’ve got more time to put into it.
  • Vision – 9 – No noticeable changes.
  • Teeth – 9 – Again I’ll echo, I don’t even know why I’m still brushing and flossing my teeth. They seem just as clean as when I walk out of my dentist’s office after a cleaning.
  • Skin – No noticeable changes.
  • Hair – No noticeable changes.
  • Weight – 118 – I’m happy with that. The math is still very odd to me though. Eating, hardly pooping, maintaining my weight while my clothes get baggier. It’s so strange.
  • Digestion, Belly – 9 – I’ve been getting nauseous at the thought of food. This has happened only very minimally for the last two nights or so. Yesterday evening it got pretty bad though. I just felt really gross. The steak for dinner didn’t hurt or help the situation. I was hoping it would help. I didn’t feel sick later in the evening, so I guess that’s good.
  • Digestion, Gas – 9 – Still feeling good, no bloating or discomfort in spite of the nausea.
  • Digestion, Poop – 9 – Feeling good but very unpredictable. When I feel a toilet-run coming, I never know where I’ll be on the perfect poop scale. I go back and forth anywhere in between diarrhea and normal poop—just on a much smaller scale than before carnivore.
  • Light-Headedness – 9 – Much better! I don’t remember any light-headedness yesterday at all.

My Prayer:

Lord, the sunset yesterday evening was beautiful. I can’t even put into words how gorgeous it was. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Things like that make me feel as though everything is going to be alright. All my petty concerns and worries, they don’t really add up to anything when compared with something so breathtakingly beautiful. It was so soothing to sweep my gaze across the sky and just take it all in. Thank you for the much needed change in perspective.

Lord please give me the strength to stick with this carnivore way of eating. It is not easy, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. I thought I was over the hump, but after today I’m feeling like I’m in front of an insurmountable obstacle. Please push me forward up and over. Up and out of where I am right now. This is one of the many things I can’t do by myself. I need you. Please help me!

In Jesus name I pray.


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