Carnivore, Week 4

Status: Rounding the Bend.

I can’t believe I’ve made it four weeks eating nothing but protein and fat!

Guys, for anyone curious about giving carnivore a shot, go for it. This was by far the easiest ‘diet’ I’ve ever tried. It was a little rough in the beginning but I am rounding the bend now.

I’m four weeks in and eating like a carnivore is serving me well. I feel great and every day is getting better and better. Digestion is good. Cravings are there in the back of my mind, but relatively easy to forget, and overall I feel like this is something I can stick to long-term.

I’ve never said that about any other restrictive way of eating.

When I started this adventure, one of my main hopes was to have more energy and get rid of my chronic exhaustion. I can’t say that four weeks in I’m bursting at the seams with tons of extra energy, but every day gets better than the day before. For the past few days in a row I’ve made my bed—which if you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll know that’s the way I gauge my energy in the mornings. 🙂 I’ve also started using my pull-up bar! It’s been a fixture on my bedroom door for a few days now. I haven’t taken it down because I walk by and think, “I can do this!” And I have been! Doing five pull-ups at a time, I feel like every time I make it up a little further. It’s my goal to do five pull-ups by the end of the year, so I’m really excited that I’ve been excited to do pull-ups! I still don’t have the energy to go outside and sprint, but I don’t feel like getting back to that is too far off into the future.

My aim in the beginning was to make it through the whole month of January as a carnivore, and even though today is week four, it’s not the end of the month. On February 1st I’ll publish a recap of my whole first month, but notice that I said first month. Spoiler alert… with the way I’m feeling now, there’s no reason to stop here. There will be many more months to follow!

Stay tuned to check out all the details in my first month’s recap!

Recent Meals:

I feel like I’m missing something in my meals. I feel like I want to eat more fat. When I scooped the fish out of the dish into my lunch container this morning, I salivated at the sight of the ‘jelly’ in the bottom of the container. Normally that would gross me out. I was afraid to, but I wanted to eat it!

  • Shrimp
  • Ribeye
  • Northern Atlantic Bonita Fillets
  • Bacon
  • Pork Roast
  • 1 Egg – And it didn’t go poorly. Instead of eggs and bacon, my philosophy was to change up the norm and focus on the bacon rather than the eggs. It seemed to work out alright. I did get a headache later that day, but I’m not sure if it was related to the egg or not.

Changes (1 negative, 10 positive):

  • Sleep – 10 – I am sleeping wonderfully. I don’t know what it is, but I seem to require a lot of sleep. My dad swears by four hours of sleep a night. I’d be dead if I only got four hours of sleep a night! I seem to need much much more than that. The amount of sleep I’ve been getting lately has really been lacking and it was really affecting me. In the beginning I sort of blamed it on the diet, but then I realized that I might just need more sleep. I’ve since made it a personal goal of mine to get nine hours of sleep a night. Just over the past two day with getting that much needed rest, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and mood.
  • Energy – 9 – I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the energy department. Everyone on carnivore seems to have this energy breakthrough. Until a few days ago, I hadn’t gotten there yet. That was tough! Energy was one of the biggest reasons I decided to try carnivore in the first place! That I wasn’t bursting with energy was sort of disappointing. If I’d had a donut, the sugar rush would be instant. After four weeks eating carnivore… you’d think I’d be running circles around my former self already. That said, two days into my new sleeping routine—nine hours a night—and my energy is already improving. I was humming, singing, and dancing this morning in the bathroom, and last night after dinner I skipped to the table to clean it off before starting the kids homework. I guess I just really needed more sleep! If this is what happens two days in, I can’t wait for getting the sleep I need on a regular basis!!! My next goal is to eat more! I have noticed a pretty dramatic increase in energy after I eat. I do think I’ve been eating relatively little because I’m just not very hungry. But, I think it’s time to step it up a bit and see if eating more helps me even more in the energy department.
  • Mood – 9 – Great. I felt tired and drained a few days ago, but feeling much better yesterday and today!
  • Cravings – 4 – Ugh cravings. Full disclosure… last week and this week have been rough for me regarding cravings because it’s that time. Girls, I think you’ll know what I’m talking about. The cravings seem to always follow the same predictable cycle though and I’m getting used to it. There is a build up of desire to the point of being nearly unbearable. The build up is by far the hardest part of the cycle—like if I bake something for the kids and smell it the whole time, or make them a sandwich and have the time to think about how much I used to enjoy sandwiches while making theirs. Then I resist. After resisting, I end up not caring at all what anyone around me eats. Resisting is difficult, but it’s like ripping off a band aid… like my desire instantly disappears and there’s no more temptation to give in whatsoever after I decide not to indulge verses continuing to ponder it. In general the cravings seem to be somewhat short lived too—not a constant state of being—thank God!
  • Vision – 9 – Something is still going on with my eyes. Nothing major, just still notice that something is different.
  • Teeth – 9 – Crazy clean, my new norm. Still with the dry mouth though.
  • Skin – My legs definitely don’t seem as dry as they usually would be in winter, and my skin seems to be looking better in general also. I had to verify this with my husband. I can tell my face is thinner, but when I look in the mirror, it’s most frequently under pretty harsh artificial light. I thought I was just starting to look sickly with a sunken face. He disagreed and said I’m looking healthy. I’m glad he sees it. Artificial lights are brutal!
  • Hair – I used to feel like my hair was thinning out more and more as time passed. I don’t think that’s the case any more. I don’t think my hair is filling in. But it definitely doesn’t seem to be thinning out, which is great news!
  • Weight – 113. Managed to lose a pound since last week. This is surprising for me considering at this time of the month my weight is usually up, not down. Even though my weight isn’t changing much, my clothes are without a doubt still getting looser. Shirts that used to be somewhat fitted are now baggie, and the same goes for my pants. Also, I can feel that my body is getting smaller, like when I lather up in the shower, everything on me feels like there’s less there than what there used to be… belly, thighs, etc.
  • Digestion, Belly – 9 – Fantastic. No pains or discomfort at all.
  • Digestion, Gas – 9 – Great, no gas to speak.
  • Digestion, Poop – 9 – Great. My urges to go still come on in short notice, but it’s all good, no different than when I originally had my gallbladder out. This too shall pass.
  • Light-Headedness – 10 – Not even a thing.

My Prayer:

God you are amazing! I laid in bed last night and just thought of all the ways your glory is evident to me. It’s overwhelming Lord. Aside from everything that seems to be going right for me, it’s really all about you and that’s where I focused last night. I fell asleep appreciating so many different things. Every good and perfect thing comes from you Lord and there is just so much good and perfect going around lately!

Thank you for the many many many ways you’ve blessed me and my family. For the moments that pepper my life that bring a big smile to my face. For the awesome friends and family you surround me with. Thank you Lord! And, I never in a million years thought I’d find a way of eating that would be this simple and rewarding, thanks for that too!

In Jesus name Lord, I ask that you help me reach out to others. Please help me bring your light, love, and comfort to women who are struggling in their walk with you, or who just need a pull-up partner. It was so hard for me to turn my life around—spiritually, physically, all of it! I felt so alone and scared to make the changes I knew I needed to make. Please lead women like that to me Lord. Please help me help them. Please help me win people for your kingdom.


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