Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the Blessed Be Today Blog

I started this business because I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit. That was a while ago! I had no clue what I was doing but my purpose has gotten a little clearer since then.

This all started after getting certified as a health coach. The reason I got certified is because I wanted to be healthy, and my heart to help others do the same thing grew from there. A few years ago when my pastor inspired me with his frequent mention of how science often proves what the Bible tells us. He would light up talking about how some new scientific study proves something God commended long ago.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, Blessed Be Today was born when, after struggling for years with a physical issue, I realized my physical ailment was due to a spiritual upset. It never hit me prior to that event, even in spite of my pastor’s excitement on the topic, that the physical and spiritual are connected and that to have health in one, we’ve got to be healthy in the other as well.

When I got certified as a primal health coach, I didn’t even realize my purpose was to connect the physical and spiritual, but in hindsight the parallels are obvious—even in the secular training curriculum!

Now, my goal with Blessed Be Today is to re-introduce God back into the conversation on what it means to be truly healthy. After all, He literally wrote the book! The exciting thing is, like the Romans verse says below, many of the people in the modern health arena agree with Him in what they write, even if they don’t put His name on what they say.

Even Gentiles, who do not have God’s written law, show that they know his law when they instinctively obey it, even without having heard it. 

Romans 2:14, NLT

The Conversation

How does Blessed Be Today carry on a conversation about true health? We do it in three ways:


Here, the goal is to extract information from people relevant to the conversation—because of their professional and/or personal experience—from both the physical and spiritual perspective.

The purpose of the Podcast is to discuss concepts of physical and spiritual health.


Here, the goal is to share with you how the information gained in the Podcast is helping me make changes in my life—and journey—toward good health. I’m the guinea pig, and I share how it’s going for me in the Blog so you can review my experiences and evaluate them for yourself.

The purpose of the Blog is to apply and document the results of concepts from the Podcast.


Here, the goal is to organize and present the information and strategies gleaned from the Podcast and Blog that are most likely to help you make lasting change in your life.

The purpose of the Philosophy is to consolidate the Podcast and Blog into focused action items.

My Personal Mission

I’ve spent my entire career, prior to Blessed Be Today, in the aviation industry. To a pilot, the auto-pilot system is a lifesaver. Not in a literal sense usually, but practically speaking it really is. Why? It helps him conserve energy by making his job easier. The auto-pilot system lessons the pilot’s workload. Without the stress of constantly needing to make flight control inputs, he can concentrate on more important things. There are an infinite number of things a pilot can do to prepare for an emergency, one of the best things though, is to make sure he’s rested and ready if or when an emergency presents itself.

I said all that to say this. I want to make maintaining good health a function carried out by the auto-pilot systems we create for ourselves. Our auto-pilot systems are the series of habits set by a good spiritual and physical foundation. Habits ingrain in us whatever we do repeatedly—good or bad. Just like the auto-pilot system lessens a pilot’s workload, I want to help you build good habits that make maintaining good health so effortless it seems to happen all on it’s own. Just like the pilot uses his auto-pilot to preserve his energy and attention for when it’s really needed, the same concept applies with habits and health. I want to help you use habits to build good physical and spiritual health so that when the one-off emergency arises, you’re able to focus intently on it and not let it move you off course.

The goal is to start small, and build on habits that will help you learn, survive, grow and thrive—physically and spiritually—more and more over time. So much so, that you won’t even realize you’ve traveled from point A to point B, because your own auto-pilot system got you there with minimal effort.

Take Action

Where to start. My suggestion is to browse the Podcast and Blog first. If what you hear and see piques your interest, like, share, subscribe—all of that good stuff—to be able to see what’s new every once in a while and then sign up via email to learn more about Blessed Be Today’s Learn, Survive, Grow, Thrive Philosophy.

And one last thing. Remember: Good Habits—GOOD Health!

-God Bless

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