Meet Gail | What is Good Health? | Certifications

Blessed Be Today is about getting you closer to God so that you are able to enjoy good health. Good health encompasses more than just our physical bodies. It’s a spiritual and a soul thing, too. When we expect to make improvements by focusing on one area, without taking care of the others, it doesn’t work.

My experience living with the autoimmune disorder hidradenitis suppurativa highlights the relationship between physical and spiritual health and that’s where my mentoring is focused.

My role is to provide information that gives you confidence to take actions that will likely reduce your inflammation. The actions I recommend are based on a variety of methods supported by new scientific research and old Biblical practices.

I can’t—and don’t—guarantee that your HS will disappear overnight (like mine did) but if or when it does, it’s my absolute joy to witness you STOP living with HS and start actually LIVING again!