Meet Gail

Hi, I’m Gail Marek. I’m a Christian, a wife, a mother, and an autoimmune disorder sufferer.

Sharing in other peoples’ joys and struggles speaks to my heart, and I think God made me to help carry your burdens.

A big part of how I’d like to help carry your burdens is through process improvement. That sounds so dry and un-loving but stick with me. Analyzing things to death is something that happens inside my mind as a by-product of just waking up in the morning. I’m constantly—and subconsciously—on the hunt for ways to make things better, easier, quicker, and more efficient. Automating bank account transactions, organizing filing cabinets, repeating the same recipe until it’s absolutely delicious and second nature—repeating, and even more so, refining a sequence of events until the result is repeatable and reliable is my sweet spot. It’s like breathing, I do it without even noticing what I’m doing. Considering not everyone has the same by-product of merely existing, I consider it my responsibility to share what I do naturally with people who might find it useful and who can also bring something useful and different to the table.

Health! Overall, supernatural, curiosity–piquing, shine-from-the-inside-out sort of health is something I want, and something I’m sure exists. It’s just not something I have… yet. But my story isn’t over. The sort of health I’m looking for exists at an intersection somewhere between physical and spiritual action, something(s?) we do in both the physical and spiritual worlds that lead us toward good health. My goal is to do what I do naturally (repeat a process and tweak it over and over again until it’s reliable and productive) in regard to my own health, and then share my findings with you. Although the steps in my process will likely look different than yours, I’m thinking the process will be very similar, and so sharing my story will be helpful for someone. I’m hoping it’s helpful for many people, but if it’s only helpful for one person, so be it—still a win in my book!

Outlining what I’m learning as my story unfolds, in an organized repeatable manner, is why Blessed Be Today exists. I want to share what I’m learning with you so you can improve your own health—physically and spiritually. Why? Because I’ve suffered with poor physical and spiritual health in the past and recently noticed the blinding light right in front of my face—God ‘s word outlines a way to fix all of it. Even better is that when I got certified as a primal health coach, the primal philosophy very much aligned with God’s word. Crazy, huh?! It hit me that to be truly healthy we need to cover the inside and outside—body and spirit. There’s no such thing as physical health if our souls are dying on the inside… it’s like vacuuming one corner of a rug and expecting the whole thing to come clean.

If you’re not in good health, I pray that you find something here that either encourages you or directly helps you.

Join me! Get in touch! I’d love to hear from you and have a partner along the way!