Meet Gail

Hi, I’m Gail Marek. I’m a Christian, a wife, a mother, and an autoimmune disorder sufferer.

Sharing in other peoples’ joys—and struggles—is what makes me tick.

Years ago, I gave a couples Bible as a wedding gift to two friends who got married. Inside the front cover I wrote a note that told them to look to the Bible for answers to all of their questionsrather than looking for answers elsewhere.

At that time I was a ‘baby’ Christian. I honestly don’t even know if I believed what I’d written. It seemed as though someone else was writing the words and I was just holding the pen… sort of like when you’re a kid and an adult teaches you to swing a mini-golf club. I knew what I’d written was true—but it was more in my head than in my heart. Around that time I was about two years into a four year escapade with hidradenitis suppurativa—my autoimmune disorder.

Years earlier, I hadn’t given any thought to the concept that decisions that mental choices could affecting my physical health. I also never dreamed of turning to the Bible for medical advice when my HS surfaced.

My team of doctors rattled off a general list of things to keep HS at bay, but their ‘reduce stress’ advice fell on deaf ears. Not because I didn’t hear them, but because I had no idea I was stressed. I was too young to even know what stress was! I thought it was something that happened to middle-aged, white collared men. Low and behold, after a total of four years living with HS, i.e. an open sore on my leg nearly the size of a golf ball at times, my body healed miraculously overnight. I could feel my lesion healing—I could FEEL it. I knew it was going away. That happened when my stress suddenly abated.

I had tried all sorts of elimination diets to treat my HS prior to that point. It wasn’t until my stress disappeared that I realized I was stressed… and connected it to HS.

When the HS disappeared along with my stress, I was flooded with insight. Stress was the trigger and I desperately needed to begin making better decisions—I needed to learn from my mistakes to prevent HS in my future.

Over the next few years, it occurred to me that the negative experiences in my life were tied to actions I took that were directly in opposition to Biblical commands.

There was no guilt associated with this realization, only revelation, and life is so different now.

Whereas my former circumstances had me stressed out beyond belief—because I felt as though I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders—Jesus told me His yoke is easy and His burden light (Matthew 11:28-30), and that the Lord plans to prosper me, give me hope, and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). My purpose in life is also much clearer.

God called me to repent… to change my mind when it came to what I was doing. Changing the course of my entire life was like a connect-the-dots drawing—the big picture got really clear. The goal of my life was suddenly clear, even though the path wasn’t. The change in my mind and heart was immediate. Manifesting those changes in my every day life is still an adventure that I’m not always sure of or comfortable with.

I got certified as Primal Health Coach to get healthy for two reasons. First, because my experience with HS ‘treatments’ in a local hospital with a team of doctors (and residents) showed me that doctors don’t know everything, and second, because it hadn’t occurred to me yet that the Bible more than covers the topic of health.

Similarly to how reading about other peoples’ success in living with HS by altering their diets showed me that health is about choices, likewise, my Primal Health Coaching certification taught me there’s more to health than diet and exercise. In multiple Ah-Ha moments, I began to see patterns and similarities between the more-than-diet-and-exercise recommendations of the primal philosophy and paralleled the primal advice alongside Biblical practices that have been commanded since the beginning of time. This happened over and over and over again. As time went on, my own experiences while living primal, frequently reminded me that God literally wrote the book on personal health! Not just a book, THE Book.

Since becoming aware of the err of my former ways, realigning my life so that my actions agree with what I randomly jotted down inside that Bible cover so many years ago hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a worthwhile investment!

Something my pastor said struck a chord with me the first time he said it, years ago, and it keeps a fire lit under me even now… he loves it when science proves Biblical truth. I love it too! It’s like recognizing something you’ve become close to and familiar with where you never though it’d be. An example is the Nissan Xterra (with knobby tires) my dad rebuilt for me to make sure I’d be able to get up my driveway in winter time. You become so familiar with it that even though you seldom saw them around, now you see them everywhere—they’re everywhere, all over the place, it’s just that I hadn’t noticed them before. Same concept with health and Biblical truths. Every time I turn around, I see good health and God’s commands going hand in hand.

I was in a lot of pain. I expected going primal to save me. I never in a million years thought Jesus would be the one doing the saving—and on much more than a physical level.

Lesson learned!

It is time we recognize the Bible as a trusted source of guidance when making decisions regarding all different facets of life—it’s also time we acknowledge that one of those facets is health.

Primal isn’t Biblical, but it’s simple. That goes for what you put into it and what you get out of it. The Bible’s a little more complicated. If you’re on a health journey, primal’s a great place to start because there are only ten ‘rules.’ When you’ve taken those rules as far as they can go, that’s where God comes in. On a primal journey, it’s my opinion that you’ll get much more out of it when you bring God into it—like a lot of other areas of life. If getting healthy hasn’t worked out for you before, like the situation I was in with my HS, consider that God may be what’s missing.

That’s the journey I’m on!

Care to join me?