The Process

There is no one size fits all mentoring method that will work for everyone, but we do all need to decide to take a step forward to begin the process. After step one, take heart, there are options.

In person, over the phone, and tech-assisted mentoring sessions are available. No matter where you are in life, we’ll find a way to come together.

First, Make The Call!

The first step in any new direction is always the most difficult. In our initial call we’ll explore the possibility of working together.

The purpose of this call is to engage in a conversation that will help us decide if we’re a good fit for one another other.

Ever meet someone you clicked with right away, or someone where the opposite was true? By the end of this conversation, we should both have a pretty good idea on whether or not moving forward makes sense.

Working Together

Getting Familiar with One Another

Working together means getting to know one another and building a relationship. It involves the exchange of a lot of deeply personal information, emotions, and trust. The necessity for this close type of exchange is why our first call is so important. If we don’t ‘click,’ building a useful relationship may be difficult. Expect to begin building a connection as a first priority.

Defining an Area of Focus

With no clear direction, it’s hard to imagine there’s an opportunity for movement. Early on, another priority will be defining what you’re looking to get out of our sessions and over what period of time. Nothing is set in stone, but we’ve got to start somewhere.

Sharing Experiences, Encouragement, and Comfort

The aim of our relationship will be to get you closer to Jesus. What you need to make that happen will vary greatly from woman to woman. My personal role is to share my experiences and knowledge, and provide the encouragement and comfort you may be looking for. Have you ever needed to talk to someone who’s not a close friend or family member? Someone who won’t judge you? Someone who isn’t closely related to whatever situation you’re facing? Someone who will just listen? That’s me.

God’s Will in the Future

Once you’re on the downhill side of your life-change slope, it’s critical to keep going. As a mentor it’s important to me that you do well in whatever endeavor you set out to achieve in the beginning of our relationship and that you continue to grow on your own, and in your relationship with God. Together we’ll come up with a way to make sure you stay on God’s path for your life even after our time together draws to a close.